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 Why Business Coaching

When I was making this website I had 2 choices, to struggle to set it up myself, or ask for help. I suppose there is a third choice to totally out source it but I didn’t want that, I want to be involved.

Struggling is depressing, it creates anxiety, it slows you down and your business can grind to a halt. So I reached out to a specialist, and I had much faster results. That’s why business coaching is essential to any business…that and of course profit!

Who Is Business Coaching For?

Any business owner who values their health, their wealth and the relationships they have with their loved ones. 

You were expecting to read something on the lines of growth, masses of clients and huge income. Well that’s all good, but we’re making a business to have a better life, so if you want to live more happily, then business coaching supercharges your business and consequently the life around you.


 What Does Business Coaching Do?

The aims of business coaching are. To answer your questions, provide guidance, and create a greater level of awareness so that you can make the most appropriate decisions to move your business forward. 

How Expensive Is A Business Coach?

The cheapest business coach you can find might be around €35 an hour, and the most expensive business coaches, for an hourly rate will go as high as €10,000, yes for 1 hour! And that’s people like Tony Robbins.

A common price point is somewhere between €200 and €600 an hour. However, most business coaching is purchased in packages.


 Why Is Business Coaching So Expensive?

Or is it?
A business coach will explain, it’s not the price, it’s the value, and when you change the point of view, it’s true. Would you pay €5000 if you can now create €50,000 of profit, and that’s what business coaching is about. The bottom line to business coaching is that, the bottom line, your profitability.  

Do Business Coaches Really Work?

You have 2 types of coaches, the coaches who will only ask you questions, its known as “pure coaching” and they will not give you any advice. This can be a time consuming experience and is best suited for business owners who want to test themselves. 

The 2nd type of business coaching, is with a business coach who has answered the questions for themselves and have success. Yes, they need to ask you questions and help you learn so you can make executive decisions for yourself, but they will also offer guidance.


What is The Business Coaching Process Like?

We start with a 5 step model, and if you aren’t ready and willing to take action, it is NOT going to work, so don’t phone me. I don’t want to sound bloody awful or ungrateful, but the thing is this, I get a kick out of your success.

And you’ll only be successful if you take specific action, and the faster you work, the faster the results. 

It’s all about energy, we have got to get you on the right track and you have to run as fast and hard as you possibly can.


In-Depth Analysis, Goal Setting, and Strategy Development
  • Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s current business situation, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Collaboratively set clear, achievable, and measurable goals that align with the client’s vision and overall business strategy.
  • Simultaneously develop a strategic action plan to reach these goals, focusing on realistic, actionable steps that are time-bound and tailored to the client’s unique circumstances.
  • This step integrates the assessment and planning phases, ensuring that the goals and strategies are well-informed and grounded in the client’s actual business context.
2. Implementation Guidance and Skill Development
  • Guide the client through the practical implementation of their strategy.
  • Simultaneously work on developing essential business skills, such as marketing, sales, and effective communication, tailored to the needs of the client.
3. Performance Monitoring and Feedback
  • Regularly monitor the client’s progress toward their goals.
  • Provide constructive feedback and make adjustments to strategies based on performance data and changing circumstances.
4. Sustainability and Resilience Building
  • Once initial goals are on track, focus on building sustainability and resilience in the client’s business.
  • Develop strategies for long-term success, risk management, and adaptability to change.
5. Growth Planning and Future Visioning
  • With the foundation set and sustainability ensured, assist the client in planning for future growth.
  • This could include scaling the business, exploring new markets, diversifying product/service offerings, and aligning the business with future trends and opportunities.

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About Me

I have been working as a business consultant and business coaching since 2010 and we made the move to Cognac in 2011.

The people who get the best results with me have these attributes.

1. They take action
2. Come to each new session prepared
3. Work hard and fast



David has this incredible ability to think outside the box and quickly figure things out. He truly “gets it” and taps into his vast knowledge to provide invaluable guidance…(he) brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is incredibly adaptable. He’s willing to bend and shape his expertise to fit your unique needs, which is such a rare quality.

Sheri Kaplan – Life Coach and Healer

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