Enquiries Into Buyers

Without needing to sell

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Selling without selling?

Sales is not a guessing game, so stop guessing what they want.

We’ve all gone into overdrive and explained how good our products and services are, and how much we care and…wait for it “the pride we have in our customer service”.

None of that works.
You need to ask great questions and listen very carefully.

Sales Checklist


You answer the phone, and they say “Hello, I’ve told you are the best person to contact”

Ask Questions

The trick to selling is your ability to ask the best questions.


Telling is not selling, learn to keep your cakehole shut and let them tell you everything.

The 3 Lives

Your client is living thee lives.
It starts in the past, and thats either a place where they do or don’t want to be.

Then it comes to the future, and they certainly don’t want to be in this current reality, otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to change life by buying from.

And lastly you have their future, this is where they want you to take them.