I’m David Poole

And this is the race to €2000

Let me guide you to an extra €2000 in your back pocket

In just 48 hours



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If you don’t try, you have already lost. And if you make just €500 or €1000, will you cry? 

Who is this for

Any English speaking business in France

This is a free race, and I am going to help you every step of the way.
The idea is very simple, in the next 2 days, our aim is to put €2000 into your hands. 

If you think that’s a huge amount of money, and unrealistic, then that’s fantastic because you have nothing to lose and everything to win.


What happens?

I’m going to email you my hand written training notes from my private library, a lot  like painting with numbers, just follow the simple steps.


About Me

I have been working as a business consultant and business coaching since 2010 and we made the move to Cognac in 2011. I know how to make your coaching business!

The people who get the best results with me have these attributes.

1. They take action
2. Come to each new session prepared
3. Work hard and fast



“His thought provoking information has now made me consider different strategies with confidence.”
Nicole McCabe – Hut Tubs In France

David suggested some quick and actionable changes that since implementing I have had a 500% increase in conversions to sign up for my email list, and it’s growing rapidly!

Rebecca Hannah – https://www.rebeccahannahphoto.com

David has this incredible ability to think outside the box and quickly figure things out. He truly “gets it” and taps into his vast knowledge to provide invaluable guidance…(he) brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is incredibly adaptable. He’s willing to bend and shape his expertise to fit your unique needs, which is such a rare quality.

Sheri Kaplan – Life Coach and Healer