Life Coaching

The actions you make today decide your tomorrow

Life Coaching – Let’s get you fixed

You’re going to start with these 10 questions.
Pick out the one MOST important to you

Life coaching can start off in many ways, it can be so complicated because your journey has been long. Everything you have lived for, has brought you to this point. 

So this is what I want you to do, I want you to see life coaching in a different way. From now on, you are in control.

Here are 10 questions, and I want you to pick the question that’s most important to you…

“What specific goals or aspirations are currently driving you to seek a life coach, and how can I help you achieve them?”

“What challenges or obstacles have you faced in the past that you’d like to overcome in order to create a more fulfilling life?”

“Can you describe a recent situation where you felt stuck or uncertain? What would you like to learn or gain from that experience?”

“How do you envision your ideal work-life balance, and what steps can we take to help you achieve it?”

“What areas of your life do you believe would benefit most from personal growth and development?”

“Who are your role models or sources of inspiration, and what qualities or achievements of theirs do you admire?”

“How do you handle stress, and what strategies can we explore to enhance your resilience and well-being?”

“What are some recurring patterns or habits in your life that you’d like to change or improve, and why?”

“What does ‘success’ mean to you personally, and how do you measure it in your life?”

“If you could fast-forward five years into the future, what would your ideal life look like, and what steps can we take today to start moving in that direction?”


The life coaching questions I gave you can be personalised, perhaps there is one life coaching question you really like, but need to tweak a couple of words. That’s fine.

It’s about you getting a focus, and having what life coaches refer to as “clarity”. 

I do have a gripe on the majority of life coaches and their life coaching.

It’s that they focus on your past, your past was the past, and your future, your best future is in the actions you take today.

So when you choose a question, apply it to your future and shall we start making some positive changes?

Now, if you fancy some life coaching with me, tough, you can’t lol. I mean it. I’m not a life coach, I do not offer life coaching but Rob Yates is brilliant. 

He is my coach, I’ll connect you.

Thanks for reading.
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