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I am going to share with you, what stops you from making €2000 this month, and what you need to fill your wallet with cash…

This is really easy to follow, all I ask you to do is take your time and read carefully. I have listed everything in a chronological order but first we are going to look at the things preventing you from making €2000 this month.

Reason to Fail #1
We offer what we like

You might think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but not everyone thinks the same as you. A great example is the 1980’s invention of the Sinclair C5, an electric, and pedal powered mini car. It was a massive failure. Sir Clive Sinclair was a visionary, perhaps 40 years ahead of his time. It’s something he wanted for himself, but people didn’t buy it.

Reason to Fail #2
Access to your future buyers

Do you know who they are?
Are they willing to speak with you now and might buy?
If you do not know these people, you will have to pay to be seen.

Knowing your buyers today, means you’ll have a profit to pay for advertising in the future.


Reason to Fail #4
You sell the sausage

There is nothing appealing about a cellophane-wrapped pack of 6 sausages, they are limp and look drab.

However, once those sausages are frying away, the fresh bread has been cut, the brown sauce is out, and the smell is hmmm so delicious…your mouth waters.

A big reason for start up businesses failing is the inability to sell the sizzle, they sell the sausage.


Reason to Fail #5
Understanding profit

The time it takes from the beginning of the process to completing the sale, if the hours are long and the money is next to nothing, you lose.
Remember, the minimum wage in France is €11.52 if you are not making that money per hour, you are better off flipping burgers in McDonalds. 


Reason to Fail #6
Building stuff you don’t need

You do not need a logo, a Facebook business page, a TikTok account, or even a website to start selling.

All of those things get in the way, and many people will lean in towards perfectionism because they fear they will not sell anything. 


Now we are going to examine what you do need.

It is very possible to make €2000 this month, and step 1 is going to astound you.
Step 1 is actually very, very important, I do NOT want you to skip it.
You can do step one as you work on your business.


€2000 in 30 days #1
Getting rid of the crap

You need cash in the bank, and cash also buys you time.
1. Grab a pen and paper
2. Go into each room of your house and write down everything you do not use, and have not used for 1 year.
3. This includes your bedrooms, the garage, your left, the garden shed.
4. Take photos of each item 
5. Put them up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, LeBonCoin, 
6. If you have clothes you no longer want, list them on Vinted.

This activity not only streamlines your house, but brings in the cash you need for your business, and it should got to your business, not a holiday, not flights back to the UK or a new vacuum cleaner etc.


€2000 in 30 Days #2

Creating Business Ideas

List out 5 things you can do, and list out 5 things you want to do because you like doing it.
So you might be a good cleaner, put that on your first list, but you might have a skill you are good at, such as holding business people accountable and you like doing it, so put that in list 2.

Come up with 10 ideas, and choose 1.
If you have that 1 already, that’s fine.


€2000 in 30 Days #2

What is the customer really buying? Why do they want it?

For example, yes they want a clean house but they also buy a cleaner because it saves them time, and perhaps arguments at home.

If you are selling massage, yes the person wants to relax, but they also want to feel good for the coming week, to feel settled, to feel in control and to be able to make clearer and better decisions.


€2000 in 30 Days #3

What is the value of what you offer (Not the Price)

How are you going to demonstrate the value of your product or service? The hardest way of marketing and selling your product/service is not having an offer. You can get away with not having an offer if you have lots of leads, or lots of people need what you have and there isn’t a lot of competition and they can find you.

But for most people you need to show your future customers your €100 service/product is perceived to be worth more, otherwise, the chances of buying become slim.


€2000 in 30 Days #4

Be Proven

How quickly can you run out and get 10 testimonials or more?


€2000 in 30 Days #5


Why do people buy from your competitors?
What can your competitor do to improve their service?
What can you do to improve on their service/product?


€2000 in 30 Days #6

Buying Motivations – part 1

What are the logical reasons for people buying from you?


€2000 in 30 Days #7

Buying Motivations – part 2

What are the emotional reasons for people buying from you?


€2000 in 30 Days #8

Buying Motivations – part 3

How does your product/service help the client, save time?


€2000 in 30 Days #9

Buying Motivations – part 4

How does your product/service help the client, save money?


€2000 in 30 Days #10

Buying Motivations – part 5

How does your product/service help the client, make money?


€2000 in 30 Days #11

Buying Motivations – part 6

How does your product/service help the client, feel good?


€2000 in 30 Days #12

Buying Motivations – part 7

How does your product/service help the client, be healthier


€2000 in 30 Days #13

Buying Motivations – part 8

How does your product/service help the client, look fantastic in front of their friends?


€2000 in 30 Days #14

Buying Motivations – part 9

How does your product/service help the client, feel more loved an appreciated?


€2000 in 30 Days #15

Standing out from the crowd

What words will help your product/service stand out?
What images do they want to see?


€2000 in 30 Days #15

Putting this together

Through all of these steps you have been asked many questions, and now is the time for you to put this together.

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