How To Find Customers With Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a cost-effective way of building relationships and finding new clients, but it takes work. Sorry to say that to you, but you don’t want me to lie.

In email marketing everything relies on one key factor, the value you give the reader.
Everything hinges on the value and I’ll explain more in this article.

People Need To Sign Up

The value starts with your offer, are your website visitors interested in what you offer?
I’ll give you an example or 5.

“Sign up for my newsletter”
“Learn how to train your dog”
“Train your dog to stop barking”
“Train your dog to stop howling when you leave your home”
“Train your dog to be confident and not cry at the window when you leave home”

Can you see how I increased the value of the offer?
Now if you are looking for help with your dog because he is barking and howling all day long, making the life of your neighbours a misery, something like “Train your dog to be confident and not cry at the window when you leave home” Is really tempting.

People Need to Open Up

It’s all well and good having people sign up to your email marketing campaign but if people are not opening your emails, everything so far has been wasted.
You have put time, energy and perhaps money to make a website, create an email campaign and sending people to your website, only for them not to read your emails.

The strength of your send emails rests on the email subject headline.

You are going to win or lose right now.
If the subject header is not interesting to the reader, the email will not be opened.
You are persuading your reader to give up their time to read your email.
So make it a good subject headline.

The Content MUST Deliver

If the content does not give value, the reader will stop reading and every single email literally is your last chance. You are living on the edge. But the edge has 3 sides.

1. They’ll dump you
2. They’ll keep you
3. They’ll buy from you

How Much Value Do You Give?

All the answers to all the questions are available on Google and Youtube and a hole bunch of other places. What you are selling in your emails is more than knowledge, it’s trust, it’s also entertainment. You must keep people entertained, but that doesn’t mean you have to solve all of their problems, you have a business to run.

You might be a builder.

The email marketing campaign might be based on something like, “Sign up to get 10% off your first quote” And that’s quite an easy email marketing campaign because you don’t sell knowledge.

What if you sell online yoga classes?
So are selling in these emails you are sending?
Are they just ads?
Are you giving help?
If so, how much help?
At what point does the reader stop reading and contact you?

Here’s How An Email Campaign Could Look Like

Campaign title: “Train your dog to be confident and not cry at the window when you leave home”

The offer: Over the next 48 hours let us help you, with our free online dog training support, to help you dog feel more confident and less anxious. We’re going to calm down the barking and howling, and you’ll leave the home feeling happy.

Emails: So you send out your emails, maybe 5 or 6 of them over the next 2 days. They are expecting to see them.

The close: When the 48 hour training comes to a close, ask if they need further support. Ask them to call you, or go to your online store.


At every step of the way, you need to give value.
And you also need to decide how far you are prepared to go with the free value and at what point do you ask them to become a customer.
If you need more business support, contact me.