I’m David Poole

And this is the Charente Business Club




Next Meeting

Friday, December 15th.
9:30am to 11am.
Please find location and joining details below…

The subject for the next meeting is...

Making more money in 2024 with the “Need” and the “Want” (It will bring you more clients)

What happens on the day

I want you to get the best for your time…

1. We’re going to have a whiteboard so you can place your contact details on it if you want to. Obviously, your name, what you do, and your website/number. It’s up to you. And then people can take down your number.

2. I’ll try and get some name tag stickers if you want to wear one, your choice. I’ll wear one, even though you know me.

3. Starting the meeting we’ll go around the room, you’ll say who you are, what your business is, one thing you are looking for (It might be clients, it could be anything else business-related.) and if you have a super skill, tell us? A super skills could be knitting, selling, creating logos, training animals…It’s your choice.

4. Then we’ll move onto the subject of the day

5. Following that we can have a QnA



We have room for just 12 people, the idea is to make it cosy, so we can get to know each other and that includes refreshments. all for just €15.75


Only 12 places

Les Fines Goules is a beautiful French restaurant and highly rated. 
We are lucky to have a nice cosy corner, away from the staff setting up for the day, but it does limit us to 12 people.


Start time

We will start at 9:30am and thats when I will get the refreshments, but I’ll arrive at 9am, so if any of you want to arrive earlier you can.
We finish for 11am, we need to be out for 11:15am


What do you get for your money? 

1. A Business Growth Subject
Delivered as a short presentation related to marketing, sales and productivity.

2. Get Answers
Feel free to contribute, bringing your business growth questions to the table.

3. Refreshments
Yes we’ll have cake! lol


Location and Parking

We will be at the “Les Fines Goules” 
8 Rue Des Minotiers, Cognac, 16100
Parking: There are quite a lot of spaces on “Place Solencon” which is right in front of the restaurant.



We have room for just 12people, the idea is to make it cosy, so we can get to know each other and that includes refreshments. all for just €15.75


Dining afterwards

It’s a lovely restaurant and if you plan to stay for lunch afterwards I recommend you book before or perhaps on the morning.


About Me

I have been working as a business consultant and business coaching since 2010 and we made the move to Cognac in 2011. I know how to make your coaching business!

The people who get the best results with me have these attributes.

1. They take action
2. Come to each new session prepared
3. Work hard and fast



“His thought provoking information has now made me consider different strategies with confidence.”
Nicole McCabe – Hut Tubs In France

David suggested some quick and actionable changes that since implementing I have had a 500% increase in conversions to sign up for my email list, and it’s growing rapidly!

Rebecca Hannah – https://www.rebeccahannahphoto.com

David has this incredible ability to think outside the box and quickly figure things out. He truly “gets it” and taps into his vast knowledge to provide invaluable guidance…(he) brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is incredibly adaptable. He’s willing to bend and shape his expertise to fit your unique needs, which is such a rare quality.

Sheri Kaplan – Life Coach and Healer